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Watch: A funny Tour de France ad for the riders just getting back into it

You don't have to be a pro to enjoy watching the race

Photo by: TV 2 Play

The Tour de France is coming up quickly and cyclists around the world are getting excited for the three-week cycling event of the year. Danish channel TV 2 Play (the country’s broadcaster of the event) just put out an ad that features some of the cyclists who didn’t make the cut for this year’s Tour de France, but who are nonetheless feeling the energy of the Tour.

The ad features cyclists getting ready to ride and participating in cycling culture by shaving their legs and wearing the full road cycling getup. One cyclist takes a very dusty cover off his road bike but seems proud and ready to hit the road.

The riders are a bit judged by their confused family members (particularly a teenage daughter), their fitness is probably not at its peak and clipping into clipless pedals is not always easy, but they still seem to be enjoying themselves back on the road regardless.

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All the middle-aged cyclists come together in the end to form a peloton, led by TV 2 Play Danish Tour de France commentators Dennis Ritter and former professional cyclist Rolf Sørensen. “So we roll again,” says the text at the end of the ad, which finishes by cutting to a cyclist napping on the couch, tired out by a ride, as the Tour streams in the background.

Tour de France 2021

The 2021 Tour de France will be the 108th edition of the race. It was originally scheduled to kick off in Copenhagen, Demark, but due to the pandemic, the first stage was relocated to Brest, France. Denmark will now host the Grand Départ in 2022.

This year’s race will cover 3,417.5 km throughout 21 stages around the country. In Canada, cyclists can stream the Tour de France on Flobikes, from Saturday, Jun. 26 to Sunday, Jul. 18.