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Watch: Maghalie Rochette is determined to win the cyclocross world championships

The Canadian champ lays out her plans in 'Make it Count' ep. 1

Three-time Canadian cyclocross champion and three-time Pan American cyclocross champion Maghalie Rochette has her sights on a new title, and it’s a big one. The 28-year-old is targetting all her training with the goal of winning the 2021 world championships.

This cyclocross season Rochette is releasing a series documenting her quest to try and win the 2021 world championships in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In the first episode, she speaks candidly about her last season, which she says was “not a great season.”

“For three years we’ve been working towards one goal,” she says in the video. “Now it’s here, and it’s time to go all in.”

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In 2018, Rochette left Luna Pro Team to start her own cyclocross racing program with her husband, David Gagnon. While not satisfied with her last season, Rochette seems to be coming into this season strongly having spent the summer racing local road, MTB, gravel events. She recently finished second in the national road cycling championships, and first in Vermont Overland and Deer Farm CX.