The second episode of Australian former professional Gus Morton’s Outskirts series comes to Canada. In the one hour film, four riders pedal Northern Canada’s isolated Trans-Labrador Highway. The film was produced in partnership with Wahoo and Rapha, and features an intimate look at Gus Morton, Dan Craven, Jocab Rathe and Sami Sauri as they travel to a remote part of Canada few have ever ridden.

The ride took the group of four across 2,187 km from Labrador to North Sydney, N.S. over 15 days. The route was 60 per cent gravel and 40 per cent paved roads.

“Never have I met a group of people as open, warm and welcoming at the Labradorians. And, once again, I feel so lucky to be able to pedal my bike and see the world in slow motion – and spend time getting to know people in the best way I know how,” said former professional Craven who was part of the group riding the Trans-Labrador Highway.

In the film, the riders have the chance to bond with each other and the communities that live in the small towns and villages that dot the North Canadian landscape the crew has chosen to traverse.

In the first episode of Outskirts, a group of riders pedalled the famous American Route 66.

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