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Watch: Phil Gaimon travels to Calgary for Best Retirement Ever and wins Ghost of the Gravel

Tim Hortons donuts and some suffering on the bike mixed in to a visit to Cowtown for KOM chasing retired pro

Calgary was Phil Gaimon’s latest destination in his Best Retirement Ever series. The KOM hunting former pro headed to Alberta for a Tim Hortons donut and to check out what was going on in the city. Along the way, Gaimon goes for a ride around the city, gets a cup of Phil & Sebastian and rides the Ghost of the Gravel event. While Gaimon is noted for his skills as a climber, he doesn’t fare too poorly in the gravel event winning the Scary Ghost ahead of former pro Andrew Davidson and world 24-hour mountain bike champion Cory Wallace.

Calgary is the second stop on Gaimon’s Canadian retirement tour. The former pro and cookie enthusiast first flew north to attempt Vancouver’s Triple Crown ride, throwing in a more leisurely Stanley Park loop while he was there.