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Bikepacking? More like Shredpacking!

Christian Peper hits full send while fully loaded

Shredpacking Photo by: Evan Christenson

When does bikepacking turn into something more? And what do you call it when that happens? Well, probably about when you start hitting dirt jumps while fully loaded, as happens when Christian Peper joins Loam and Gravel Society for it’s third episode. As for what to call it, they quickly settle on Shredpacking.

Dirt jumps
Seems like a good idea… Photo: Evan Christenson

Loam and Gravel Society is the brainchild of Old Man Mountain racks. The series sends contest winner Evan Christenson on a three-month van life road trip to find the best riding across North America. In episode three, Christenson puts OMM’s claim to be the “strongest cargo racks” to the test, hitting dirt jumps and singletrack in Utah.

Drops, dirt jumps and frame bags. What could go wrong?

Loam and Gravel Society Ep. 3: Shredpacking w/Christian Peper

What’s Christenson say about his Shredpacking adventure?

Salt Lake City get ready! Christian Peper, one of the G.O.A.T. mountain bikers on Instagram and Tik Tok is joining me for his first-ever bikepacking trip! It wouldn’t be a proper Christian Peper trip if we didn’t get airborne though so we’re going to see how far we can push shredpacking, with a mix of night riding on some rowdy trails, dirt jumping our fully loaded bikes, and sending some drops real deep.

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