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Watch: Barefoot Biker – Casey Brown’s Way of the Wildcard

From remote New Zealand backcountry to World Cup downhill racing, and beyond

Casey Brown Wildcard Red Bull TV

While the riders drawn to downhill and freeride tend to have outspoken personalities and  feature film-worthy backstories, maybe it’s something about the type of person that seeks out big mountains to ride down and jumps to launch off that correlates with a larger-than-life personality, Revelstoke’s Casey Brown has a background that stands out even in such fine company.

Raised in the remote backcountry of New Zealand, literally a multi-hour hike away from the next closest community, Brown’s childhood was a little different than most. Follow brown from the deep woods of New Zealand, through a move to the British Colombia interior and on to the high speed racing of World Cup downhill racing and, finally, to finding a home in the small mountain town of Revelstoke, B.C.

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There’s more than a couple unexpected turns along the way, but you should probably just watch for yourself to find out the full story. In the video-saturated world of bikes on the internet, Red Bull’s Way of the Wildcard feature on Casey Brown stands out on its own as well worth your viewing attention.

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