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Bryn Atkinson creates art on the trail in “Phantom of the Optic”

Slow motion shredding in the Pacific Northwest

Norco Optic Bryn Atkinson

Bryn Atkinson brings high drama to the trails in Phantom of the Optic. Riding Norco’s new 2020 Optic, Atkinson’s usual blazing-fast riding is slows to a crawl. At 1000fps, the rest of us can almost keep up. Almost.

The Pacific Northwest’s most stylish local, Atkinson is one of the few riders who could make riding slowed down this much still look interesting.

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This shreddit adaption of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic musical slows the arc of Atkinson’s trademark drift turn down to match the pace of Phantom of the Opera‘s narrative arc. It’s poetry in motion. Art on the trails. High culture meets back country.

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What am I even talking about at this point? Who cares. Just watch Bryn Atkinson dissect trails in super slow motion aboard the 2020 Norco Optic. It will all make sense.

Bryn Atkinson in Phantom of the Optic

Produced by Bryn Atkinson, and created by Scott Secco with help from Matty Miles, Shawn Sanders, Tom Richards and Jill Kintner. Music by Alex Kizenkov