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Canadian national XCO championships results: Batty’s back, Disera triumphs

Some super quick racing in extreme heat

Emily Batty wins Photo by: Matt Stetson

Right after she won her first national championship jersey since 2019, Canyon’s Emily Batty had this to say: “It was a perfect weekend.” And although there are still the relay events Sunday, she’s not wrong. On Saturday, there was some incredible XCO racing at Hardwood Bike and Ski in Oro, Ontario.

The race featured some short steep climbs and some longer (by Ontario standards) hills on the historic Hardwood course (the 25th national edition) but the big factor was the heat. The temperatures were in the upper 30s and in true Onterrible style, it was humid beyond belief. Most riders wore ice vests before the race, and even the organizers made sure to bring riders up to the starting grid just in time to prevent overheating.

It wasn’t just the weather though, the racing was hot and spicy and full of action.

u-17 men

Quebec’s Jacob Roy got the win and spearheaded a Quebec podium romp.

1. Jacob Roy (Ponsse)
2. Félix-Antoine Leclair (Siboire)
3. Nicolas Gauthier (Québec)

u-17 women

Just like Roy, Rafaelle Carrier led a three-woman QC sweep in the u-17 women’s race.

1.Rafaelle Carrier
2. Ayana Gagné
3. Lily Rose Marois

u-19 women

Stimulus-Orbea proved they are the junior team to beat, sweeping the podium. Marin Lowe took the win with the Holmgren sisters flanking her.

A racer pours water over themselves in a feed station
Ava Holmgren fights the heat at Hardwood Ski and Bike. Photo: Matt Stetson

1. Marin Lowe (Stimulus-Orbea)
2. Ava Holmgren (Stimulus-Orbea)
3. Isabella Holmgren (Stimulus-Orbea)

u-19 Men

1. Zorak Paillé
2. Maxime St-Onge
3. Cam MacCallum

Elite women

After an early crash, Batty found herself in second, behind her teammate Laurie Arsenault. But once she got going again she would power through and overtake Arsenault, with her teammate and last year’s champ Jenn Jackson coming in third and creating the second Canyon podium sweep this weekend. Arseneault led the team in a take-over of the women’s XCC podium earlier in the weekend.

After the race, Batty said she couldn’t be happier to wear the maple leaf. “I am so grateful for today, and to see our team have such a great day. Just a perfect weekend,” she said.

Canyon MTB riders pose at the finish line of Canadian XCO national championships
Jackson, Batty and Arseneault celebrate their second podium sweep at 2022 Canadian national championships. Photo: Matt Stetson

1. Emily Batty (Canyon)
2. Laurie Arseneault (Canyon)
3. Jenn Jackson (Canyon)

Marianne Théberge crosses the finish line at 2022 canadian cross country national championships
Marianne Thébarge celebrates her win. Photo: Matt Stetson

u-23 women

Emilly Johnston (Norco) had a very strong start, but would be forced to withdraw on the final lap due to the extreme heat. After that Marianne Théberge would take over the lead, taking the win over Jocelyn Stel and Roxanne Vermette.

1. Marianne Théberge (Pivot Cycles-OTE)
2. Jocelyn Stel (Canyon)
3. Roxane Vermette (Stimulus-Orbea)

Arseneault and Woods win XCC national titles at Hardwood

u-23 men

Carter Woods was the strongest from the first lap–he was so fast that his times would have placed him in at least the top-four of the elite men’s race. He even caught up to last year’s elite winner, Léandre Bouchard who started two minutes ahead. For Bouchard, it was an impressive effort to try defend his jersey while recovering from injury. It is one of the Alma rider’s first races back after a high-speed crash in Brazil.

“I find Ontario heat is a little bit different. It’s super humid,” Woods said after. “I come from dry heat and BC. Tt’s different here than in Victoria. Yeah, for sure. Something we can’t get used to in the week here. I was just doing dump bottles every lap, as it was super hot. On a high speed course you can keep the wind on your face, but I needed that water.”

1. Carter Woods (Norco)
2. Cole Punchard
3. Owen Clark

Carter Woods races mountain bike national championships at Hardwood Ski and Bike
Carter Woods drops in at Hardwood

Elite men

Norco’s Peter Disera took a huge win in a dramatic elite men’s race which saw his brother Quinton Disera and Tyler Orschel duke it out. Orschel would lead early, but the Disera brothers fough back. Ultimately it was Peter who would power ahead on the crest of the main climb and keep his lead to take a well-deserved win. Disera said the heat was definitely a factor, but he knew he could take time if he pushed hard at the hardest spots of the race, which he did. “I didn’t panic when Tyler broke away early, I stayed calm and focused on the race. I was so happy to see my brother there with me in the mix. He had a great race. This used to be home course but this style of riding where I now live in Victoria is not quite the same. But it was a great day today, for sure.”

Peter Disera crosses the line at Hardwood Ski and Bike
Peter Disera reclaimed the maple leaf on Saturday in Ontario. Photo: Matt Stetson

1. Peter Disera (Norco Factory Team)
2. Tyler Orschel (Canyon)
3. Quinton Disera (Canyon)


Women master expert (35-44): 1- Sue Haviland 2- Roxy Slotegraaf
Men master expert (35-44): 1- Ryan Atikins 2- Peter Glassford 3- Matthew Martindill
Women master expert (45-54): 1- Lisa Holmgren 2- Lisa Hutson
Men master expert (45-54): 1- Jon Barnes 2- Paul Cobham 3- Leigh Quilliams
Men master expert (55+): 1- John Westdal 2- Kevin Simms 3- Greg Clark

Senior Expert

Women senior Expert (19-29): 1- Tessa Brinklow
Men senior Expert (19-29): 1- Jamie Wagler 2- Pierre-Marie Perchoc 3- Mason Costa

You can see the full results on RaceTiming.ca