Cannondale F-Si
Tinker Juarez racing the 1998 Kai Volvo team colours

The 1990’s and into the early 2000’s were the first glory years of cross country racing. NORBA, the birth or World Cup racing, and XCO’s addition to the Olympics. Throughout all of this, Cannondale was front and centre.

Cannondale F-Si C2000
2000 Cannondale F3000 in Team Blue. Image: Cannondale

After a successful 2018 season that saw Cannondale Factory Racing land on World Cup and world marathon championship podiums across Europe and North America, the Wilton, Conn. brand is bringing the 1900’s back. Two limited edition Cannondale F-Si Hi-Mod framesets will be available in limited numbers. One in Viper Red, the second in Team Blue Gloss.

Cannondale F-Si
2019 Cannondale F-Si throwback

Who better to introduce this throwback than Tinker Juarez? The one rider who has stayed with Cannondale from the early days, and still rides with the brand.

Cannondale F-Si
Tinker Juarez racing in 1998. Image: Cannondale

“It’s been a fun 25 years. It’s rad to see Cannondale remember the good old days with these frames. They bring back a ton of good memories,” said Juarez.

Cannondale F-si F2000
1995 Cannondale F2000 team bikes. Image: Cannondale

The Viper Red F-Si is a nod to the HeadShok-equipped hardtails ridden by the Cannondale team from 1994 through 1997. With oversized aluminum frames and Cannondale’s unique HeadShok suspension forks, the now-classic frames were as instantly recognizable then as the F-Si, with it’s Lefty Ocho fork are today.

Cannondale F-Si
2019 Cannondale F-Si frame with Lefty Ocho in Viper Red.

The Team Blue colour with yellow lettering recalls Cannondale’s CAAD3, CAAD4, and CAAD5 framesets that were raced from 1998 through 2002. Over the course of those eight years, the Cannondale team recorded an extensive list of victories. 11 world championships, 17 World Cup titles, 16 national championships, 33 NORBA wins and two Olympic medals – one Silver one Bronze.

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Throwback Cannondale F-Si frames are identical to the stock F-Si frames, including the new Lefty Ocho fork. The two retro colours will ve available in sizes Small – XL, but will only be produced in limited quantities.

Cannondale F-Si
Tinker Juarez racing the original Viper Red team bike. Image: Cannondale

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