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Casey Brown sends Corbet’s Couloir

At Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Revelstoke's Casey Brown joins Cam McCaul and the Teton Gravity Research crew to for a first ever mountain bike descent of the infamous ski run, Corbet's Couloir

Casey Brown Rogue Elements

Revelstoke’s Casey Brown steps out of the gondola, hops on her bike and launches off a kicker into the snow. For her latest film segment, Brown joins freeride legend Cam McCaul and Teton Gravity Research in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to take on the infamous ski line: Corbet’s Couloir. On bikes. Definitely a first.

Of course, Casey Brown is no stranger to pushing the limits on her bike. From going huge at Hoff Fest, part of the Fest event series, in 2016, to a string of EWS appearances that frequently involved Brown stepping on a podium with the world’s best, full-time enduro racers, she’s repeatedly shown that she’s not one to back down from a challenge. This isn’t even her first time taking on something fully on the other side of sanity. There’s also her brakeless 96 km/h speed run in Kamloops from 2013, where Brown removes the brakes from her bike just to go faster.

This latest feat, though, is something unprecedented. Hitting a line that many experienced skiers would shy away from makes for a truly impressive, unique and intimidating film segment, mixed in with the usual dose of TGR fun.

For a bit more gnar-factor, as if the segment itself isn’t enough, the full behind-the-scenes look at making this hair-raising segment actually makes the run look more insane. TGR answers the question you don’t want to admit you know the answer to: how do they stop on snow? It’s a bit longer, but stick it out for some less polished riding clips that don’t feature in the cleaned up feature segment. If you’re thinking this doesn’t look that hard, there’s serious stacks from both riders in here that will make you think twice before trying this yourself


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