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Custom bikes from Red Bull Rampage

All decked out and ready to party in the desert

Ethan Nell Red Bull Rampage 2019 YT Tues

Red Bull Rampage is such a wild and demanding event that competitors will build custom bikes just for the one day competition in the Utah desert.

Beefier parts, burlier suspension and, with the eyes of the world all focused on the cliffs outside Virgin, Utah, some seriously sweet custom paint schemes.

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Here’s some of the best custom builds and bikes from Red Bull Rampage 2019.

Andreu Lancondeguy’s YT Tues

“The YT Family is going to be riding in honor of our friend and freeride legend Jordie Lunn. We would like to take the opportunity to shine a light on the fundraising initiative for Jordie’s family and friends. Please feel invited to learn more about the initiative.”

Cam Zink and Ethan Nell’s YT Tues.

“Rampage is for sure the highlight of my year! I come from here, so I feel comfortable with the dirt and riding exposed lines. It’s the one big contest of the year when we can really show what freeride is about. Creativity of build and riding go hand-in-hand. Without a cool line, you can’t really do cool crazy stuff. There is no limit to creativity at Rampage, there are so many features that you can build towards your riding style and style of tricks you do. It is hard to say if the crowd is more stoked on creative lines or creative tricks. People who don’t know that much about mountain biking might get more stoked about seeing a big double flip. I think the athletes are more stoked on creativity of the lines rather than tricks. I think the winning recipe is a big, fast line to the bottom with as many hits and tricks and possible paired with plenty of style and fluidity. That is what I am going for.”
– Ethan Nell

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Brett Rheeder’s Trek Session 9.9

Brandon Semenuk’s Trek Session 9.9

Kurt Sorge’s Polygon XuareOneDH

Graham Agassiz’s Evil Wreckoning LB

Reece Wallace’s Giant Glory DH

Carson Storch’s Rocky Mountain Maiden DH

Kyle Strait’s Commencal Furious

Tyler McCaul’s GT Fury

Brendan Fairclough’s Scott Gambler

Reed Bogg’s Trek Session 9.9

Szymon Godziek’s 26″ NS Bikes Fuzz

Emil Johansson’s Trek Session 9.9