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Finn Iles versus Nelson, B.C.’s longest descent

Taking on big trails in the B.C. interior in place of World Cup racing

Finn Iles Nelson Photo by: Finn Iles YouTube channel

What do you do if you’re one of the best downhill racers on the planet, but there are no races to go to? Finn Iles makes the most of the time away from World Cups to ride of Canada’s best trails.

In Nelson, B.C. Iles heads straight for the towns notoriously long and steep trail, Powerslave. Built by Riley McIntosh before he moved back to Vancouver Island, Powerslave is the longest single descent in Nelson. It drops down 5,000 vertical feet from start to finish, and is peppered with big jumps and unique wood features the whole way.

Follow Finn Iles down this legendary trail in this POV video.

Finn Iles: POV of Nelson’s Longest Descent

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With the World Cup season delayed, I spent some time on my trail bike in Nelson. Nelson has a ton of amazing trails, but we had to check out Powerslave to link up the town’s longest descent. I cut out a few parts to keep it interesting, but I hope you like it!