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Five reasons why fall is the best time to ride

Everything is better after September

BCBR Gravel Explorer Photo by: Chris Stenberg / BCBR

Every winter, Canadian mountain bikers dream about the long, hot days of summer. But, when it comes to the quality of riding, nothing beats fall. The dirt’s better, summer’s sweatier and, unlike spring, a little precipitation can actually make still-dusty trails better instead of canceling a ride.

That’s the short version. Here are full five reasons why fall is the best time to ride.

BC BIke Race
Emily Batty winds through the loamy late-season goodness at Apex Mountain during 2021 BC Bike Race.  Photo: Dave Silver

The dirt is better

With the return of precipitation after a dry summer comes the return of hero dirt. That perfectly tacky, but not slippery substance that mountain bikers dream of. If you need a little inspiration to get out on the bike this fall, the promise of

Temperatures are cooler

Summer days are long, but they can be sweaty. After a few months where even a t-shirt feels like wearing too much, crisp cool fall air can’t be beat.

The colours!

Fall brings out all the best colours. Changing leaves or, on the coast, the return of lush greens make every ride more vibrant. Whether you capture those colours for eternity, for Instagram or just enjoy them in the moment is up to you.

You’re feeling your best after a summer of practice

If you’ve put in the hours on the bike, now is when you really get to reap the rewards. Better legs or better technique, both come from practice. After a summer of improving your form, you’re feeling fast and having fun on harder trails – especially with the return of hero dirt to really make you feel like you’ve stepped your riding up to the next level.

Bonus time always feels better

There’s something about the looming arrival of winter that makes every late-fall ride feel like you’re getting away with something. One more ride, one more lap or one more jump before the season changes and snow settles in. And bonus laps are always the best laps!