Gift Guide Pt. 3: The final countdown

Late and last minute ideas that will last all year

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Still shopping for your favourite mountain biker? Here’s the third and final part of our holiday gift guide. This time we’re taking a look at some of our favourite products from the last, and upcoming year. From innovative trail-side tools, to new technology that is, dare we say it, game changing? Maybe, maybe not. But either way, these are all products that did a familiar task better, or solved some need we didn’t know we had.

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CushCore XC tire inserts (USD $150/set,

CushCore XC

CushCore has had a huge impact on the more gravity fed cycling disciplines already with its tire inserts. Now the Oregon-based company is turning its eye toward more weight conscious riders, with CushCore XC and Gravel/CX inserts. We tested the XC inserts all summer, and learned that the benefits extend far beyond just flat tire protection.

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Ryder Slug Plug, Slyder & Nut Cracker ( – price varies)

Ryder is a South African company making all sorts of trail tools and accessories, which often provide simple solutions to annoying problems. The Slyder sits under a bottle cage, and holds the Slug Plug tubeless plugs plus a C02 for quick access. The clever system holds both securely in place until you see Stan’s spurting out of your tire, then lets you quickly plug, and re-inflate your tire. The C02 sheath even protects your fingers from C02 freezer burn. The Nut Cracker carries a spare valve core, and can loosen valve stems and valve bolts, and includes a metal disc pad spreader for good measure.

Sombrio kit ( – Prices vary)

Sombio has been designing clothes made for Canadian riding conditions for decades. This experience shows in the latest Trail Collection, which combines tough, functional clothing with West Cast inspired design.

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Dakine Hip Pack

Dakine makes bags for every ride, from quick post-work rips to epic days in the saddle.

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Mission Workshop – Vandal  ( – $485)

For race weekends, commuting, long weekend trips, and everyday use, Mission’s Vandal bag is truly a do-it-all bag. Waterproof seams keep you kit dry from Spring XC to late fall CX, including separate sleeves for laptops, or the last few items of dry clothing. This expands from a slim 29L bag into a massive 64L bag, so you can carry everything you need for a long weekend, or folds near-flat with a roll top access for more day-to-day use. It’s not inexpensive, but for three bags in one, and quality Made in America construction, you get what you pay for. We’ve abused this bag for a full year, and it hasn’t complained once.

Thrillhouse Cycling- Stickers and water bottles (Prices vary)

Thrillhouse Cycling

Everyone loves The Simpsons, and making fun of road cyclists, right? Even if you’re nice to our lycra-clad friends, Thrillhouse Cycling’s range of stickers, water bottles and apparel are just as happy being slapped on a mountain bike as they are a skinny-tire frame.

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