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Jared Graves returns to roots with Yeti

Recovered racer reuniting with the team where he spent a full decade racing

Jared Graves Yeti

To say Jared Graves has been on a roller coaster of highs and lows over the last few years would be an understatement.

Now, having put a brain cancer diagnosis and doping infraction behind him, Graves is heading home. The 4-cross world champion, decorated EWS racer and Olympian is returning to Yeti, the team where he found so much of his success.

“The Yeti crew is like family, so it feels very comfortable to be back,” said Graves. “They’re a small company, focused on product development and committed to making bikes that help racers go faster. Yeti doesn’t compromise. It’s only the best and their passion for the sport is unmatched. Those are traits we share.”

Jared Graves
Photo: Thomas Falconer

Graves raced with Yeti for a decade before moving to Specialized. Returning to the iconic turquoise of the Golden, Colo.-based brand, Graves  will have a slightly different role. He will still, making appearances at the Enduro World Series, but his title will be “Yeti ambassador.”

“I still feel like I have some good racing left in me, and a little bit to prove. After a very difficult year-and-a-half personally, I’m looking forward to racing and working with Yeti again,” Graves said. His new role will also focus on mentoring and coaching the younger Yeti riders.

Jared Graves
Photo: Dave Trumpore

With his extensive race experience, Graves will also be contributing to product development at Yeti, says Steve Hoogendoorn, Yeti’s vice president and engineer. “Jared was an integral part of developing Yeti’s early race bikes, including the 303 DH, DJ, 4X, limited edition BMX frame, SB66, and SB6. He’ll contribute immediately to our product development process and we’re happy to have him back.”

Jared Graves
Photo: Thomas Falconer

Graves isn’t the only one happy that he’ll be returning to familiar ground.

“We’re stoked to have Jared back in the family,” said Chris Conroy, president of Yeti Cycles. “In my mind, he’s one of the best bike racers of all time. His work ethic and commitment to the sport will set an example for our younger riders. We’re excited to see him riding a Yeti again.”