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Jaxson Riddle jumps off a four story building to show how big Rampage is

A little context ahead of this weekends freeride festival in Utah

Photo by: Red Bull YouTube

We all know the features at Red Bull Rampage are huge. It’s the world’s most popular freeride competition for a reason. But just how big are they?

Jaxson Riddle and Nicholi Rogatkin do their best to bring the desert to the city and give the cliffs and jumps a bit of context. Brought into the real world, Rampage looks all the more insane.

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Rogatkin, testing out a new role as video host, is a rider that knows all too well how dangerous the features are. The U.S. slopestyle rider lived every competitors nightmare scenario in his last appearance, careening over the edge of the sharp Utah cliffs.

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Jumping Bikes Off a Four Story Building


Red Bull Rampage is the pinnacle of freestyle mountain biking, the event where the best MTB riders push the limit of what is possible on two wheels and redefine the sport. But how big are the jumps and drops they jump off? It’s easy to lose perspective of the size and scale of the craziness in the Utah cliffs, so we’ve brought them into a city to show you just how insane they really are. And don’t worry, Jaxson Riddle is fine.

Watch Red Bull Rampage live on October 15, 2021