Kate Courtney dives into the mental game of racing

Winning the World Cup overall requires more than physical strength

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Kate Courtney stepped into the spotlight in 2018 when she won the elite women’s cross country world championship race. With that win came the weight of expectations as the American rolled into 2019.

Add the transition to a new team and the pressure of racing in the rainbow jersey every weekend, and Courtney had much more to deal with on race day than just what her competitors were doing. All of this, and it was just her second year racing in elite.

Expectations can weigh a young athlete down. The American rose to the challenge, winning her first World Cup overall title at home in the U.S.A.

In the final episode of Rising, Courtney delves into the mental side of elite cross country mountain biking. At this level, mental strength and resilience is as important as an athlete’s physical abilities.

So how does Courtney deal with the pressure? Check into Rising: Ep. 5 – The Mental Game.