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Learn how to build confidence on basic jumps

Coach Peter Glassford breaks down the basics of getting air on your mountain bike

Learn to jump

Catching air can be one of the most exciting parts of mountain biking. But, if you’re not sure or not confident in your abilities, it can also be one of the more intimidating parts of the sport. Coach Peter Glassford is here to help break down this skill, so you can learn how to build confidence on basic jumps.

Learn how to set up for jumps, then build skill so you can take your new talent to the trail.

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Why? Well jumps fun! They can also make trails more fun, help you maintain flow over features and keep you on your bike instead of having to go around features. Start with the basics, and you’ll be Red Bull Rampage ready in no time at all! Errrrr, or at least having fun on your local trails, whether that means catching a little air or a lot.

How to Build Confidence on Basic Jumps

Peter Glassford has extensive experience coaching mountain bikers of all levels through the Consummate Athlete program. For this video, he’s joined by Canadian national team member Quinton Disera and Ian Ackert, Sarah Fabbro and Noah Ramsay at Hardwood Ski & Bike in Ontario.

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For more tips on technique from Peter Glassford, head to the Canadian Cycling Magazine YouTube channel.