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Learning to wheelie with Ryan Leech

Can the Canadian trials legend pass on this elusive skill?

Wheelies are hard. Unless you are Ryan Leech. Then wheelies are easy.

But can the legendary Canadian trials pro teach someone else how to wheelie?

I’ve spent years trying to learn and, while there’s been some progress, it is a skill that still eludes me.

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Luckily, Mahalo My Dude and IFHT star Matt Dennison is in the same boat. In Wheelies Are Easy, Ryan Leech tries to teach Dennison this seemingly simple but frustrating skill.

The catch? He only has 24 hours to finally get Dennison down with riding on one wheel.

Watch Wheelies Are Easy and see how Dennison and Leech get on:

If you’re similarly frustrated by an inability to wheelies, maybe Leech can teach you too.  Sign up for Ryan Leech’s 30-day course and maybe you can master the wheelie too.