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Must Watch: “Lightfall” showcases iconic Canadian photographer Sterling Lorence

Brett Rheeder and Jackson Goldstone cameo in Anthill Films' latest doc

Photo by: Sterling Lorence

How much work goes into getting that one perfect photograph? How much work goes into a career of getting those perfect, cover-photo-worthy shots every time? Anthill Films dives into the creative process of iconic Canadian photographer Sterling Lorence to find out.

Interview: Lightfall turns the camera on Sterling Lorence

Even if you’re not familiar with Lorence’s name, you’ve seen his work. It’s hard to avoid, and impossible to miss. The Vancouver photographer has earned more BIKE mag cover shots (30, by the time the iconic mag shuttered) than any other photographer.

Anthill films Lightfall Sterling Lorence
Lorence at work in the fog. Photo: Anthill Films

Lorence rose to international fame with North Vancouver’s North Shore. His images of the dark woods helped make the B.C. trails, and the riders and builders on them, famous. The early days of freeride helped make Lorence famous, but his skill and incredible work ethic have kept him at the top of the mountain bike photography game for decades now. In Lightfall, Anthill shows why.

Lightfall – A Journey in Photography with Sterling Lorence

What does Shimano say about Anthills’ latest doc?

Lightfall shares the story of legendary MTB photographer Sterling Lorence and his process to get the perfect shot in the dank and misty mountains of Vancouver’s legendary North Shore, with riders Jackson Goldstone and Brett Rheeder.