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Norco plugs in for new Sight VLT e-mtb

Pedal assist meets all-mountain riding in new e-mtb from Canadian brand

Norco Sight VLT e-mtb
Norco Sight VLT e-mtb
Norco Sight VLT 1 e-mtb

Norco has added a little extra power it its Sight model of all-mountain bikes to help you punch up those steep climbs with the Sight VLT pedal assist line.

Norco Sight VLT e-mtb
Norco Sight VLT 2

Based around the idea of making the pedal assist bike ride just like the human powered aggressive all-mountain version of the bike, the Sight VLT has been designed and tuned around keeping the best descending characteristics possible. With a little extra power behind the pedals, the new e-mtb from Norco should help you get to the top of the climb with enough energy to still enjoy the ride back down.

Norco Sight VLT e-mtb
Norco says it tried to make the VLT feel as much like a regular sight as possible

Norco’s Sight VLT features a carbon frame running on 150 mm of rear travel, matched to 160 mm of e-bike tuned front suspension. As the Canadian brand’s premium e-mtb platform, the Sight VLT adds a little extra kick via Shimano’s E8000 drive unit and 630 Watt integrated battery, all tuned to provide smooth power delivery so that the VLT feels like it’s analogue Sight siblings. For the entry level VLT 3, a Shimano E7000 drive unit with a 500 Watt batter helps you get up the steepest climbs.

Norco Sight VLT e-mtb
Norco Sight VLT 3

The Sight VLT has been outfitted with a host of e-mtb specific components to match the bikes all-mountain designation. 27.5″ wheels come wrapped in sizeable 2.6″ tires to make sure you have no shortage of grip, whether that’s climbing or descending. SRAM single click e-mtb rated shifters, tougher wheel builds and e-rated hubs make sure the Sight VLT will keep running smooth wherever you decide to pedal it.

Norco Sight VLT pedal assist e-mtb is available now in three different builds. Canadian MSRP on the bike is:

Sight VLT 1 – $9,300 (Blue/Black)
Sight VLT 2 – $7,900 (Red/Black or Charcoal/Gold/Black)
Sight VLT 3 – $6,500 (Charcoal/Black)