Pivot OTE athletes are snowbound in Quebec, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a bit of fun. Between icy outdoor rides, we’re seeing what happens when you trap mountain bikers inside on rollers for extended periods of time.They’re keeping the mental game sharp with an escalating competition of roller challenges. Or they’re just finding ways to relieve the monotony of a long winter of indoor training. Either way, there’s some impressive riding going on here that’s great viewing for us at home on the couch. Or on rollers … yeah, we’re totally on rollers right now too …

Raphael kicked things off with this juggling routine:

Félix Belhumeur responded, making it a multi-sport competition:

Pivot OTE teammate Mathieu Bélanger-Barrette then weighed in. With some questionable, but respectable training nutrition, Bélanger-Barrett tossed the sufferfest approach out in favour of a nice, relaxing evening on rollers.

It was Auclair’s turn again, as he too to Bélanger-Barrette’s culinary angle, showing that café rides aren’t just a summertime activity. Bonus coffee nerd points for using an Aeropress.

Another Pivot OTE teammate, Phillippe Saint-Laurent jumped into the game, adding a Canadiana twist to Belhumeur’s golf trick.

Cyclocross may be done for the season in Canada, but Bélanger-Barrette’s keeping his CX skills sharp just in case. It’s never too early to start training for next years cyclocross season, right?

It was all fun and games until the boss caught wind of the shenanigans. Saint-Laurent was quickly sent back to work, where he builds wheels for Pivot OTE team sponsor, Enve Composites, but there was still training to do …

Think you can match any of these roller tricks? Think you can do better? At the very least, there should be enough here to keep you busy through this season’s winter training, if not for a couple years to come.

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