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Quiz: Mountain bike trail or strain of weed?

To mark the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, we offer you this test of your knowledge

Trail or Weed

Trail or Weed

With the arrival of marijuana legalization in Canada on Oct. 17, the devil’s lettuce has been dominating the news cycle lately. It seems all Canadians can talk about is weed.

In Whistler, you can ride Kashmir to Kush, then head over to the bike park for Smoke And Mirrors. Drop out of Into the Mystic and you have your choice of Legalize It, High Society or, if you’re feeling more productive, High Industry. Actually, Legalize It is also a trail in Nelson, B.C., too. And in Nanaimo, you can connect to This Bud’s 4 You.

It may not be surprising that British Columbia, a region as renowned for its trails as it is for its proclivity for Mary Jane, there’s no shortage of crossover in the Green Zone. In North Vancouver you can ride Natural High, then a chemical one. In Kelowna there’s the Sublime-inspired Smoke2Joints. It’s not just B.C. though. Hit up Port Colburn, Ont. to ride Up in Smoke.

Mountain bike trails and weed have more in common than sharing a user group, though. They also share an overwhelming affection for the colour green, creative descriptions and clever references that are just opaque enough to the inexperienced observer to be misunderstood.

So, as weed crosses a legal boundary, here’s a little quiz to test your knowledge of dirt and bud. Trail name or weed strain?

After you submit your answers, scroll up to the top of the quiz, then click the View Score.