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First hits and big tricks from Red Bull Rampage practice sessions

All the new lines and updated features from Virgin, Utah

Brandon Semenuk Red Bull Rampage 2021 Photo by: Bartek Wolinksi / Red Bull Content Pool

After a few days of digging, practice is underway at 2021 Red Bull Rampage. Riding is just starting but athletes are already pulling out big moves for the freeride competitions 20th anniversary.

Brandon Semenuk’s been quick to throw inverted tailwhips on his wild single-crown Session build, while others are focusing on steeper, more natural lines and bigger drops.

Check out all the early action from Red Bull Rampage 2021 below. Then tune in live on Friday, Oct. 15 for the big day.

Practice Sessions: Red Bull Rampage 2021

We’ve seen the digging, we’ve seen the 1st hits… what’s next? As the build up to Red Bull Rampage continues, there is a period when the shovels are still going full on, yet the focus is slowly but surely shifting towards riding. Every aspect of each plan is being studied & tested and talked through. Which line is your favourite so far?

First Sends at Red Bull Rampage 2021

Riders shake out the nerves with an early evening guinea-pigging session on the first official day of practice at Red Bull Rampage 2021. With a rain day on Saturday and high-winds predicted for the coming days, any opportunity to test their features is a valuable one. Many riders choose to continue digging as the polish their lines in anticipation for the big day this Friday.