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Review: Wolf Tooth Ultralight Pack Pliers multi-tool

Slim multi-tool from Minneapolis company is a ride-saving addition to any mountain biker's backpack

Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers

Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers

Wolf Tooth Components created a bit of a buzz when it released the Ultralight Pack Pliers multi-tool earlier this year. The pliers, which cover several functions not found on typical multi-tools, quickly sold out. They were re-stocked, and sold out again.

Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers

The slim 7075-T6 aluminum pliers are back in stock in a variety of colours on Wolf Tooth’s website and, after testing them throughout the summer, I would say they are a great addition to any riders everyday pack. Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers

The Ultralight pliers cover five functions that are narrowly specific to mountain biking. Each solves a problem that can ruin any ride if you don’t have the right tools. Their main function is to install and remove chain master links. You can store two spare sets of master links inside the pliers. The pliers magnetic closure doubles as a secure retention system for the spare links. There’s also a tire lever, a Presta valve core remover, and a fitting to tighten valve stem lock nuts.

Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers

On trail, Wolf Tooth’s Pack Pliers work exactly as advertised. The magnetic closure is strong enough to keep everything in place on the tool. Spare master links easily stay in place via a combination of the magnet and the design of the machined out space where they tuck into the inside of the pliers.

Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers

The Ultralight Pack Pliers are small enough that they easily fit into a pack, or enduro-style waist back without taking up much valuable space or adding weight. As with all of Wolf Tooth’s parts, the machined details and clean aesthetic will add a bit of style to any ride pack.

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The minimal space Wolf Tooth’s multi-tool does take up is more than justified by its potential to save your ride, or your friends ride, should anything go wrong on the trail. Personally, they saved me on several different occasions. Once, it was the difference between getting to finish a ride or having to walk down 3.5km of an incredible descent in Revelstoke, B.C. After clipping my rear derailleur on a root turned my drivetrain into a mangled mess, the master link removal function allowed me to break and untangle the chain and coast down the rest of the trail.

Wolf Tooth’s Ultralight pack pliers are worth the investment for the master link storage and removal functions alone. They’re a great alternative to taping master link’s to your frame, or having them float loose in your pack. The valve stem and valve core functions are a great touch that make on-trail tubeless fixes easier.

Riders with carbon hoops should note that Wolf Tooth does not recommend the tire lever for use on carbon fibre rims. For everyone else, having a sturdy alloy lever should be a nice alternative to snapping flexy plastic levers.

For more details on the Wolf Tooth Ultralight pack pliers, read our initial release. To order, head to Wolf Tooth’s website.