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Parallel II: Brandon Semenuk x Kade Edwards

Freerider and Free-racer head to Kamloops, B.C.

Photo by: Toby Cowley

Canada’s slopestyle and freeride icon focused much of the last several years on big solo video projects. But occasionally the multi-time Red Bull Rampage rider teams up with another rider. When he does, the results are fantastic. This is the case with Parallel II, Semenuk’s latest project featuring Kade Edwards.

Two riders jump through a fire charred forest
Brandon Semenuk and Kade Edwards riding during Parallel II, outside Kamloops, B.C. Photo: Toby Cowley

Red Bull is behind the project, as usual, and has things to say about it:

Brandon Semenuk is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done on a mountain bike by combining top talent filmmaking and progressive riding. After joining forces with long-time friend and fellow Trek teammate, Ryan “R-DOG” Howard, in 2019, Brandon released the first edition of Parallel, a viral action-edit that displayed riding in sequence like never seen before. Two riders, two parallel courses, with intersecting riding and action.

One mountain biker jumps over another
Hand plant? Or man plant? Brandon Semenuk jumps Kade Edwards in Parallel II, in Falkland, Canada on May 4th, 2022

Now, Semenuk has teamed up with World Cup downhill racer, Kade Edwards, for a second take. The powerhouse duo set out to push the series, as well as their capabilities to align timing and riding, in this stunning visual project. Filmed on a custom course in Kamloops, British Columbia, the riders leave little room for error while riding in close quarters. The video edit offers fast cuts, consistent action, and top-notch riding for an instant classic.

“Stunning visuals” and “instant classic” – Red Bull’s making big promises. Does Parallel II deliver? Watch and find out.

Parallel II: Brandon Semenuk x Kade Edwards

What’s Red Bull say?

Two riders, two interconnected tracks, and a second take on a timeless idea—welcome to Parallel II. Brandon Semenuk and Kade Edwards converge on a new course built outside of Kamloops, BC to deliver proximity riding and filming like never seen before.

Riders and videographers look at a camera screen

Brandon Semenuk, Kade Edwards, Nic Genovese and Isaac Wallen check the take. Photo: Toby Cowley

Photo: Toby Cowley
Video: Nic Genovese