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Ride together with Shotgun kids mountain bike seat

Let your young shredder ride front and be fully engaged with forward design

Shotgun kids mountain bike seat

Watching your kids develop into riders is an exciting journey for any mountain biker. Shotgun kids seat makes that more fun for everyone involved. It also just might close a gap in the transition from run to pedal bikes.

The idea behind Shotgun kids seat is straight forward. Bring your child up front on the bike, where it’s safer and you can see what they’re doing. The side benefits of doing so, though, are just as exciting. It allows more interaction between you and your child, and keeps them engaged with the ride. It even helps teach some basic skills for when your young shredder sets out on its own.

Shotgun kids mountain bike seat
Shotgun kids mountain bike seat

Shotgun kids bike seat  – what is it?

The design of Shotgun kids seat is straight forward. A youth-sized seat attaches to the top tube, just behind the handlebars, via two rubber-moulded frame protectors. The seat – and seat angle – are adjustable, which lets the Shotgun grow with your kid. Choose between a detachable youth-sized handlebar, or let them hold on to the bars directly. Your young shredders fit into little stirrups next to the downtube so they can balance themselves.

All this is attached by a quick-release mechanism so you can shred solo, too. Its compact size makes it easy to pack and travel with, so you can bring your youth along on your next shred-cation, no problem.

The design positions your youth’s weight in the centre of the bike, so it’s easier for you to adapt to the extra weight and keep your kiddo safe on the trails.

SHOTGUN kids mountain bike seat
Stay connected on the ride!

Safer, and a more engaging way to learn

Moving your child to the front of the bike helps keeps them safer, but it also keeps them more engaged on the bike. You can talk to your kid while riding, checking in to make sure they’re still having fun on the bike and coaching them through corners and trail features.

As your kid picks up speed on the run bike, Shotgun helps introduce them to skills they’ll need in the future in a more controlled environment. You can show, and let them participate in what it feels like to lean, pump and how to look forward on the trail. Instead of having them in a seat out back, and out of sight, you can see how they’re reacting and engage – visually and verbally – with them to keep the ride fun!

Shotgun kids mountain bike seat
Learning to lean and corner on the Shotgun.

Shotgun vs. run bikes

There are more youth bike options out there than ever before, and Shotgun isn’t seeking to replace them. Instead, the seat helps fill a gap in development between run bikes and the smallest-sized pedal bikes. There’s some overlap between Shotgun and both of those, for sure. But it helps cover the large skill gap between run bikes and pedal bikes.

Run bikes are the standard, and they are fantastic learning tools. The run bike design has limitations though. Riding near traffic and taking long trips are both out of the question (or take forever when a run bike pace meets a child’s attention span). Instead of putting your kid in the car or in a bike trailer, keep them up front and engaged in the ride with the Shotgun.

The Shotgun also engages your young one to learn proper technique early. You can talk them through leaning into turns as they experience that. This will surely help make it easier for them to transition to pedal bikes and real trails when that time comes.

Shotgun kids mountain bike seat
Shotgun kids mountain bike seat
Details and pricing

Shotgun kids seat is designed for kids aged 2-5 years old.

Shotgun kids seat retails for $220.00 and is available directly through Shotgun’s website and your local bike shop. The adjustable handlebar system is sold separately, for $52.00