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Casey Brown, Micayla Gatto and Georgia Astle explore B.C. in “The Back Forty”

" A Short Film About Discovering One's Own Backyard"

Photo by: Casey Brown YouTube

What happens when you send three of Canada’s best mountain biker’s on a 21-day road trip – from B.C. to the Yukon? Based on The Back Forty, featuring Casey Brown, Georgia Astle and Micayla Gatto, it’s a real good time.

With film crew in tow, the three women ride the best trails they can find from Nelson, B.C. to Carcross, Yukon. Camping, riding, and just generally having a great time.

The trio would normally be scattered around the globe, chasing World Cup and Enduro World Series races, film projects and other adventures. With travel shut down, they decided to explore closer to home (as was allowed under B.C. restrictions at the time of filming)

The result is an excellent reminder that some of the world’s best riding is right here in Canada. We just have to look in our own backyards.

The Back Forty: A Short Film About Discovering One’s Own Backyard

What’s Casey Brown say about The Back Forty?

Casey Brown, Micayla Gatto and Georgia Astle head out on the road to explore British Columbia and Yukon’s beautiful mountain bike communities. The plan is to start at the very bottom of the province and make their way up to Whitehorse, where there is word of amazing new trail networks and unique alpine riding. With global travel being shut down, it was an amazing opportunity to stay home and enjoy the world-class terrain.