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‘This is Where I Belong’ tells Haley Smith’s story

The Canadian dives deep into her Life Time Grand Prix win

Photo by: Wil Matthews

Haley Smith’s victory at the inaugural Life Time Grand Prix was an exciting end to the Canadian’s season. But it also represented far more than one year’s work.

Smith is usually quite open about her struggles in the past and, for Life Time’s video profile This Is Where I Belong, she dives deep into where she came from and what it means to be at the top of the standings at a major series.

INTERVIEW: Haley Smith finds consistency (amid chaotic mass starts) on road to Life Time Grand Prix victory

Watch This Is Where I Belong and get inspired by Smith’s journey.

This Is Where I Belong with Haley Smith

What does Life Time say about This Is Where I Belong?

At age 14, Haley Smith was hospitalized with anorexia undefined. In the years following, she was re-diagnosed with orthorexia, an eating disorder characterized by both extreme food restriction and extreme exercise. After getting very sick, physically and mentally, Haley found her medicine on the bike. While it began as a way to manage her brain, cycling slowly became Haley’s purest source of joy — eventually propelling her to the top of the overall podium at the inaugural 2022 Life Time Grand Prix.

And, you know, the Olympics Games.

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