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Velovault2 bike box review

A durable hard case for road and large 29" mountain bikes that easily packs up and rolls smoothly through the airport


If you are serious about riding bikes, eventually you are going to want to travel outside of your local road or trail network to experience different terrain and environments to pedal in. Sure you can load your bikes in, on top of, and behind your vehicle. You can drive until your hearts content finding great and new adventures. But what if you don’t have the time for a road trip or your next adventure is across an ocean?

Enter the Velovault2 bike box. What sets the Velo Vault apart is its ability to fit a wide variety of bikes. If you own a 29” mountain bike you are going to have to remove your front fork completely from the frame to fit it in a standard hardshell travel case with few exceptions. One such exception is the Velovault2. I was able to fit my size large Norco Optic 29” bike in the Velovault2, only having to remove the wheels and handlebars. I was also running 2.35 tires on the wheels and they fit in the wheel ports with no issues. I didn’t need to remove the disc rotors or cassette as they were tucked nicely away and padded with foam.

This meant that when I arrived at the hotel prior to a seven day stage race I was able to put my bike back together within 20 minutes. Had I removed the forks and disc rotors like other cases require, I would have spent more than twice the time re-assembling my bike rather than prepping for my ride or paying a bike shop to do the work for me.

Not only did I fit my size large 29” mountain bike in the case quickly and easily, but I was able to fill left over space with bike kit and gear before I reached the 50 lbs limit set by most airlines for overweight baggage thanks to the cases lightweight (26 lbs/11.9 kg). The Velo Vault is light, but it doesn’t sacrifice durability. The hard plastic shell is one thing, but looking closer you will see 4 steel locking latches that really help the box earn it’s vault name. One latch is also equipped with the ability to use a TSC style lock that my test unit shipped with.

Inside the case, two thick foam inserts help pad the contents. The base foam layer even has an illustration to show you the best mounting positions. Several Velcro straps are strategically placed to help cinch down your frame and parts to ensure a snug fit with nothing moving around. Version two of the Velovault has a central support strut which self-locates into a female cup. This helps to avoid the box being crushed but also makes closing the box very easy. Rest assured if your box is opened at customs it will be easily closed and just as secure as you packed it.

The Velovault2 was quite easy to move around. Four burly castor type wheels are fixed to each corner on the bottom of the box and one end swivels to steer. I dragged the wheels over pavement and even some choppy gravel and grassy areas without any problems. There is also a handle on one side that makes carrying the box up and down stairs possible, but not easy for people with shorter arms. I am six feet tall and had no issue navigating stairs.

It’s worth mentioning that the Velovault2 is 80mm longer than most cases. For me this was a non- issue. The box fit into my hatchback car, up and down tight staircases and it tucked nicely behind my hotel room door. The extra 80mm didn’t hinder me at all, but did allow my bike to fit perfectly. I’ll take the added size for ease of use and convenience every time. There is nothing more inconvenient than having to fix or repair your bike post travel and before a big ride.

After picking up the box from oversized baggage in the airport I did notice a few scrapes in the plastic, but upon opening and re-assembling the bike, everything was fine. Disc rotors included. If you are looking for a travel case that can easily fit both road and large 29” mountain bikes I highly recommend the Velovault2 as a safe and easy way of getting your bike to your next adventure, wherever that may be. The Velovault2 retails for $862.11.