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Watch: Three huge top-to-bottom runs at Red Bull Formation

Full runs from women's freeride progression session

Photo by: Emily Tidwell / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Formation isn’t a contest, but putting together a top-to-bottom run of Utah’s wildly exposed cliffs still feels good. After three days of building and another three on the bikes, riders looked to connect all the huge desert features into full runs.

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Robin Goomes gets inverted at Red Bull Formation 2022. Photo: Robin O’Neill / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull put together some amazing footage from three of those runs. With huge sends, backflips and tricks, watch Robin Goomes, Hannah Bergemann and Camila Nogueira as they push the level of women’s freeride in real time.

Three Incredible Top-to-Bottom Runs at Red Bull Formation

What’s Red Bull saying?

What seemed impossible 4 years ago, has been more than achieved in the past few days! Red Bull Formation 2022 absolutely delivered.
So many wild moments, these 3 runs are just a fraction of the insanity that went down!


Hannah Bergemann
Robin Goomes
Camila Nogueira