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Bell flies in new all-rounder Falcon XR and XRV helmets

MIPS lining and a removable integrated lights bring performance on a budget

Photo by: Bell

In a world of increasingly specialized and expensive cycling equipment, Bell is swimming against the stream. Bell launched the all-purpose Falcon XR and XRV helmets today. Designed to work for all kinds of activities, and based on the well-received XR Spherical, the Falcon uses one design to work for gravel, road, trails and, with a removable LED light, ideal for commuting.

Bell Falcon XR and XRV

With the Falcon XR, Bell brings the XR Spherical’s all-rounder design to a more budget-friendly price point. The Falcon keeps the deep coverage of the XR, providing more coverage at the sides and back of the head, and maintains the excellent ventilation of the higher-end model. MIPS Spherical is replaced with a MIPS Evolve liner for the Falcon line.

The new bird in the nest still uses the magnetic Fidlock closure to make attaching the Falcon’s straps quick and easy, even on the go or while wearing gloves. The Falcon comes in at a very reasonable 305 grams for a size medium helmet, varus 285 for the lightweight XR.

With a visor added for increased off-road coverage, the Falcon XRV leans slightly more towards the trail side of the new helmet’s range than the XR. It weighs slightly more, at 320 grams.

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Bell x Blackburn: fully illuminated

Since Bell intends the Falcon line to be used for everything from performance riding to commuting, the Falcon comes designed to integrate Blackburn’s Grid COB rear light. The bright light perfectly fits into the main rear vent on the Falcon helmets, adding a highly visible 30-lumen LED light with four different modes (steady, pulse, strobe and eco). the Grid COB is USB-C chargeable and lasts between 1.5 and 15 hours, depending on what mode it is in.

The removable Blackburn COB LED light is available with the Falcon or sold separately for $20.

Canadian pricing: Bell Falcon XR and XRV

Bell Falcon XR MIPS – 190.00
Bell Falcon XR LED MIPS – 240.00
Bell Falcon XRV MIPS – 200.00
Bell Falcon XRV LED MIPS – 250.00

All versions, including a very wide range of colours and designs, are available now.