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TransGravel offers a new, more casual take on gravel racing

An event, a cultural experience and a couple timed segments

Photo by: Giant

As gravel racing continues to grow in popularity, not every race is looking to court top pro riders and massive registration numbers. TransGravel, a new project from the humans that run the very successful TranSierra Notre mountain bike event, are looking for a more well-rounded experience. Organizers have a different take on racing and on the gravel experience.

The first TransGravel, scheduled for June 13-16 in Oaxaca, Mexico, will look like a gravel race but with different rules.  In place of the usual point-to-point, first across the line wins format, TransGravel is trying something new. Something mountain bike inspired. Something a little enduro.

Riding gravel on single track
TSG organizers promise a mix of pavement, gravel and “mild single track.” Photo: Giant

New race with a new format

Racers will all ride the same course, together, in a mass-start format. But only four timed sections of the race per day will count towards your total time. It’s a format TSG organizers are familiar with, as they’re bringing it over from their TranSierra Notre enduro event.

Why only time some sections? Well, organizers want the race days to be more community focused than exclusively about time on course.

“If there is something we have learned over the last 10+ years, it’s the power of community. The race format allows socializing and riding along with cyclists from all over the world in the transfers where the speed won’t count, but the good times will.”

Sounds a fair bit more relaxing than your usual pre-race rush and jitters, no? Since Oaxaca City isn’t exactly close, TSG want to make sure you get to experience the best of the Trans Sierra region while you’re there. For riders that want to tack on extra days, there are optional guided tours, traditional cooking classes and Mezcal and Agave field tours available.

Also different than the hordes of thousands at the start of, say, Unbound, TransGravel is capped at just 65 racers. Registration is open now.

Riding gravel in Mexico
All kinds of gravel. Photo: Giant
Here’s what TransSierra Notre organizers have to say about the first TransGravel:

Over the past 10+ years, we have explored the deep forests in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, Mexico. In 2017, we pioneered with TranSierra Norte, the first International Mountain Bike Adventure Race in Oaxaca, Mexico. After developing riding areas such as “Ixtepeji”, “Benito Juarez” and “Etla”, and launching 6 international MTB races, Oaxaca is now one of the most popular Mountain Bike destinations in North America.

This year we decided to launch something different, but still true to our essence and values. Taking place near Oaxaca City, Mexico. TransGravel is a new, One-Of-A-Kind bike race that combines the physical challenge of gravel riding with the vibrant culture of Oaxaca. A celebration of cycling that combines competition with adventure, culture, gastronomy, and camaraderie.