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Creator Series Ep. 4 & 5 follows a beginner at BC Bike Race and heads to the Isle of the Gods

Journeys of self discovery and to far off locations this week on Race Face's excellent video series

Race Face Creator Series

This weeks episodes of Race Face’s Creator Series are all about journeys. One riders personal journeys back to health, another across an unfamiliar land.

In The Isle of the Gods, pro mountian biker Keegan Wright heads Bali. With little but his bag, bike and a bit of cash, Wright has to navigate his way around the new culture and landscape in creative ways. Oh, and hopefully get some good riding in while he’s there.

For It’s just like Riding a Bike, a beginner mountain biker’s journey is as much personal and physical as it is geographic. As part of the long process of recovery from a traumatic injury, one rider challenges herself to complete the BC Bike Race. The seven-day mountain bike stage race is notoriously difficult and technical racing.

Before she can cover long hours and significant elevation, she has to get comfortable riding a bike. Along the way, however, there’s obstacles to be overcome.

Race Face Creator Series Episode 5: It’s Just Like Riding a Bike

Filmmaker: Markella Mildenberger

“A brand-new mountain biker pushes all her limits as she attempts a 7-day stage race over 300 km with 10, 000 meters of elevation throughout the mountains of Coastal British Columbia. Faced with a handful of obstacles before the race even begins, she will meet a whole new set of challenges as the week progresses and discover what the cliché ‘It’s Just Like Riding a Bike’ really means.”

Race Face Creator Series Episode 4: The Isle of the Gods

Filmmakers: William Binamé and John Colthorpe

“With only his bike and limited cash in hand, pro mtb rider, Keegan Wright will have to buy, barter, and beg for the necessary supplies and transportation to make his way across volcanoes, through temples and down rice terraces, all in search of trail freedom.”

Are  you just catching up with the Creator Series? So far, Race Face’s excellent video series has travelled to a recovering town in Washington and visited a trail builder in Nanaimo whose work creates communities, as much as trails, and journeyed into the imagination of a young rider on the last day of Summer.

The 10-part series continues telling the stories that bring riders together for the next couple weeks. Check here for the full Race Face Creator Series schedule.