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DarkFest 2020 jump line is a new level of insane

South African Fest Series stop steps up with massive new features

DarlFest 2020

DarkFest is back, and getting crazy for its fourth year. The Fest Series event stays at its Stellenbosch, South Africa location but with a big twist. The 2019 line, which was already huge, has been extended with a series of insanely large jumps and drops.

Even for Darkfest, these new features are next level.

Riders are starting to link together the whole DarkFest line ahead of the main event. Official event days are Friday and Saturday, 7-8 February.

Never one to ease into an event, Brendan Fairclough is already going huge. Along with big whips, he landed one-handed off the penultimate, and terrifyingly huge jump in the new DarkFest line.

The weekend is just getting started, though. With an all-star list of riders, you can expect to see plenty more unreal footage from the South African Fest Series stop.

Canadian’s Matt Macduff, Tom van Steenbergen and Graham Agassiz are all in Stellenbosch for the event. World Cup races Brendan Fairclough and Kaos Seagrave are both adding the freeride event to their race calendar. 2018 World Cup winner Amaury Pierron is making an appearance, but not necessarily as a rider.

The full DarkFest 2020 rider list is: Sam Reynolds (GB) Nico Vink (Belgium) Clemens Kaudela (Austria) Adolf Silva (Spain) Brendan Fairclough (GB) Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) Theo Erlangson (South Africa) Ike Klaassen (South Africa) Remy Morton (New Zealand) Beinvenido Aguado (Spain) Kaos Seagrave (GB) Szymon Godziek (Polan) Brage Vestavik (Norway) Jaxson Riddle (USA) Makken (Norway)

DarkFest 2020 – Full Line Preview


Want more from DarkFest? There’s a steady stream of amazing video coming out of South Africa surrounding the event.

To start with, find out what its like to hit one of DarkFest’s unbelievably large jumps for the first time.

DarkFest 2020 – First Hits

DarkFest, and all the Fest Series events, are so far outside of what is normal for mountain biking. Even for the pro freeriders, it’s a completely different level than your average slopestyle, downhill or bikepark setting.

How do riders change their bike set up to help them survive the massive South African jumps? Sam Reynolds, Nico Vink and Clemens Kaudela, the DarkFest build crew, walk through their Fest Series bike set up.

How to Set Up Your Bike for the DarkFest Jumps