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How does Remy Metailler make an insane video segment?

"If you're not scared, you won't survive very long."

Remy Metailler Squamish Photo by: Remy Metailler in Squamish / YouTube

“If you’re not scared you won’t survive very long.”

Remy Metailler’s first proper video part in years was four minutes of controlled insanity. If you missed seeing the Squamish-based rider’s latest release last week, you should 100 per cent go watch it now.

But what goes into making that relatively short, but epic video? How do you make such an insane video segment?

Behind the clean cuts and effortless looking riding, there is an incredible amount of effort and preparation. And many, many takes. As his quote above suggests, it takes way more than just showing up and charging down huge rock faces.

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In his Behind the Scenes, Metailler pulls back the curtain on the filming of his latest opus to show just how long it takes to make such a short video.

Remy Metailler: Behind the Scenes of a Mountain Bike Video

More from Remy Metailler:

“The 4 minutes video we dropped last week was actually a lot of work, and this how we did it! Oh by the way thank you so much for the feedback! We will make another one again!

Thank you to Rob Massie (@snowdriftmedia) for filming and editing this behind the scenes. I hope it helps you understand what goes behind a riding video”