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Kate Courtney and Nino Schurter join Team Mips

Scott-SRAM team sign on to share the importance of protecting against brain injury

Kate Courtney Team MIPS Photo by: Michal Cerveny

As our understanding of the long-term effects of brain injuries continues to grow, two major stars of cycling are throwing their weight behind the campaign to raise awareness about concussion prevention. Kate Courtney, Nino Schurter and the Scott-SRAM team announced today they’re joining Team Mips.

The two stars of Scott-SRAM represent the promise and importance of brain injury prevention. Schurter is already more than a decade, and eight world championships into his cross country race career. He shows the potential longevity of a top athlete if that athlete can stay healthy.

Kate Courtney Team MIPS
Kate Courtney and her Mips equipped Red Bull helmet. Photo: Susan Theis

Drawing on personal experience

Courtney, on the other hand, represents promise and potential. The U.S. rider already has an elite world championship and World Cup overall to her name. She has also dealt with a major concussion of her own. It is that experience that drives her interest in Team Mips.

“Brain injury is a very personal subject to me,” Courtney says. “I’ve had multiple concussions in the past and have experienced first hand how challenging these invisible injuries can be to diagnose and treat. Many people aren’t aware of how concussions happen and how dangerous they can be if not taken seriously. Mips is leading the charge in scientific research that will help us better understand head injuries and make a real difference in how we talk about and approach brain protection for athletes in action sports. By joining forces with Team Mips, I hope to help close that educational gap a bit and at the same time inspire more people to get out there and share my passion for riding.”

Schurter Mips
Nino Schurter in European champion colour Mips, with Frischi Jr. in the background. Photo: Rained Upon Media

Thomas Frischknecht, Team Director of Scott-SRAM and a legend of XC racing who enjoyed a long career of his own, shares Courtney’s sense of the importance of concussion safety. Not the least because his son, Andri Frischknecht currently races with the team.

“We are very proud to join Team Mips. Together we can create more awareness on the importance of wearing a helmet designed to provide added safety,” says Frischknecht. “It feels like doing something positive for the cycling world.”

Scott-SRAM Team MIPS
Very stoked on safety. Photo: Michal Cerveny.

Growing Team Mips

Courtney, Schurter and Scott-SRAM join Canadian freerider Brandon Semenuk on Team Mips.

“I am so excited about starting the collaboration with Kate Courtney and the whole Team SCOTT-SRAM. Just like Henrik Harlaut and Brandon Semenuk, Kate and the whole SCOTT-SRAM team are the leaders in their sport and perfect role models as members of Team Mips,” says Fredrik Kjellberg, Chief Marketing Officer of Mips. “Team Mips is just one of many ways we hope to spread awareness. It’s so inspiring to watch the team grow over the past year — we’re honored to work with all athletes who believe in our mission to lead the world to safer helmets.”