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Lego freeride is the best thing you’ll see this week

Iconic moments recreated in block form

Caleb Holonko's 360 drop recreated with LEGO

Is there anything Lego can’t do? Well, you can definitely add canyon gaps and 360-drops to the list. Lego master builder “Legosteeze” (Instagram @legosteeze) recently recreated two iconic moments in freeride. One from North Van’s Caleb Holonko and another from Red Bull Rampage

First up is Szymon Godziek’s absolutely massive backflip over the Red Bull Rampage canyon gap in 2022. While the Polish freerider recreated the move in practice in 2023, he crashed out and injured his wrist before he could land it in finals.

Next, Legosteeze headed north to the storied woods of North Vancouver. This time, it is a scene from Caleb Holonko’s In the Know that is painstakingly recreated. Woodwork, lush green forests and Holonko’s incredible style are all present in the short clip.

Lego proves it is as amazing as ever. But you should probably go re-watch Holonko’s original In The Know, as the 360 is somehow not even close to the most impressive move in that four-minute masterpiece.

For a tiny preview of In The Know, Holonko shared a side-by-side of Lego Caleb and the real deal.