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“Long Live Chainsaw” is now available for purchase

Bring the Stevie Smith story into your home and get inspired

Long Live Chainsaw Photo by: Sven Martin / Anthill Films

Long Live Chainsaw, the film telling the life story of Canadian downhill racing icon Steve Smith, is now available to download and watch at home. Created by Squamish’s Anthill Films, in collaboration with Smith’s family and friends and photographers and videographers around the world, LLC has toured theaters across Canada and around the world for the last month.

Screenings will still continue, and you can still book one for your own hometown. Now you can also buy the film for digital download on iTunes, Apple TV, Vimeo on Demand, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Movie or Vudu.

All proceeds from the sale of Long Live Chainsaw go directly to the Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation. Created in Smith’s honour, the Foundation focuses on growing the Canadian’s legacy of inspiring the next generation of riders.

Long Live Chainsaw
Photo: Sven Martin

“Stevie’s story belongs to the community as a whole. His life touched so many people that it seems fitting his story be told through the united efforts of the community he helped inspire. This film has been a huge collaboration from those who knew him best—family, friends and fellow riders—to every filmmaker and photographer that ever worked with him

Our hope for this film is that his extraordinary story continues to inspire future generations of young athletes. Stevie may no longer be with us, but his legacy sends a ripple of positivity out in the universe that will grow with all who come to know his story. Long Live Chainsaw.” – Darcy Wittenburg, Director

We wrote our review of Long Live Chainsaw, and thought it was incredible. Here’s what the Canadian Chainsaw’s family and friends thought about the documentary:

Long Live Chainsaw
Photo: Sven Martin

“I’m at a loss for words….for me, this is the greatest tribute possible! I think that telling Steve’s story will be inspiring to a lot of the young riders out there. It will show them that you just never know…if a kid from Cassidy can do it, anything is possible!” – Tianna Smith, Stevie’s mom

“Anthill did a truly amazing job of capturing who Stevie was and how he lived his life. For me, watching Long Live Chainsaw was emotional – it made me laugh and cry. Stevie was my idol growing up and became a friend after I got sponsored with Red Bull. He was a one of a kind human that will forever motivate and influence me on and off the bike. Long Live Chainsaw!” – Finn Iles, Canadian downhill national champion.

“I think the strongest part of his legacy was that he not only taught us to believe in ourselves but also in each other. We work together, push harder and celebrate with each other. There is an immense pride to be a Canadian racer and to follow in the footsteps of Steve Smith—this will never change.” – Miranda Miller, EWS racer and 2017 UCI downhill world champion

Long Live Chainsaw
Photo: Sven Martin

“Not a day goes by that this man doesn’t cross my mind, wondering what he’s up to up there but just wishing he was here with us… I’m overly excited that Anthill Films have brought to life a documentary about the life and legacy of Stevie and the impact he had on Canadian MTB and the world. We love you Stevie.” – Brook Macdonald, World Cup downhill racer.

Long Live Chainsaw is now available for purchase on iTunes, Apple TV, Vimeo on Demand, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Movie or Vudu. Anthill’s film is still touring, too, if you’d like to watch on a big screen. The LLC premiere schedule is on Anthill’s website and, if you don’t see your hometown on the list, you can still apply to host a screening of your own.