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Maxxis revives Forekaster as “light trail” tire

Jackson Goldstone joins launch party for new tread

Maxxis Forekaster Photo by: Maxxis

Maxxis Forekaster always held an odd niche in the brand’s line. Originally a wet-weather XC tire, its usage was a bit too narrow. Now, the Forekaster is back, but with a much broader purpose. Maxxis revived the tread as a “light trail” tire.

Best suited for bikes with between 100 and 130 mm of travel, the Forekaster is fast, but with enough bite to let you push into corners without pushing your luck. Faster than a Minion or Dissector but with more grip than an Aspen or Rekon.

Overhead view of Maxxis Forekaster mountain bike tire tread
Tighter lug spacing keeps the Forekaster connected to the trail.

Here’s Maxxis’ more technical description of the new Forekaster:

“The new Forekaster is characterized by densely-packed, medium height tread blocks for predictable handling and fast rolling. Each individual knob features sharp angles to provide climbing and braking traction in a broad range of trail conditions.”

Close up of lugs on Maxxis Forekaster mountain bike tire
Slightly taller down the centre, with better cornering support than the outgoing Forekaster. Photo: Maxxis.

Having the Forekaster bridge the space between a Rekon and a Dissector also opens up more tire combination options. Use it as a rear tire with a Dissector to get a fast, but aggressive pairing. Or use it up front with a Rekon (or Rekon Race) out back for a faster, but still trail-capable combo on smoother trails.

Jackson Goldstone looks at the Maxxis Forekaster mountain bike tire
Jackson Goldstone eyes up the new Maxxis Forekaster

The Forekaster comes in two casings. Maxxis’ light EXO casing and the recently-toughened EXO+ middle-weight casing.

Initially, the Forekaster will come in two sizes. 29×2.40″ tires are available now (at least in the U.S.). That version weighs 945g (EXO) and retails for USD83.00. The 29×2.60″ width tires are expected to follow shortly and will way 1,035g in EXO casing. Maxxis likes to offer more (read: endless) options, though, so expect to see more options follow the first two sooner rather than later.

Jackson Goldstone rides a mountain bike on rocky terrain
Goldstone only needs one tire touching the ground to make corners.

To show off the new Forekaster’s improved capabilities, Maxxis tapped Canadian junior downhill racer – and all-around bike phenom – Jackson Goldstone. Hot off a silver at the Fort William World Cup downhill, Goldstone shreds Scotland at full tilt.

Jackson Goldstone Shreds on the All-New Maxxis Forekaster

What’s Maxxis say about Goldstone’s efforts on the Forekaster?

There’s a 100% chance of fun in the forecast. Join Jackson Goldstone as he rips on the redesigned Maxxis Forekaster tire.

Jackson Goldstone jumps a mountain bike on a trail in Scotland
Goldstone boosts to the moon on the new Forekaster.