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Watch: Norco’s race rocket Revolver FS 100 in action

Canadian company's Factory Team riders in action on the new cross country race whip

2020 Norco Revolver FS 100

Back in April, Norco lifted the lid on its new World Cup cross country race bike, the Revolver FS 100. At the same time, it announced the longer-legged Revolver FS 120, using the same platform but with longer rides in mind.

Followers with a keen eye would have seen the bike at races under Norco Factory Team riders earlier this year, and even as far back as late last summer.

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With the bike finally released to the public, Norco decided to show exactly what the World Cup-focused Revolver FS 100 was capable of. The Canadian company put together a video with its Factory riders, including Haley Smith and two time elite XCO national champion Peter Disera.

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Not that the Norco Factory Team riders had been holding back on showing what the bike could do. As Smith says in the video, her first race on the Revolver FS 100 last summer saw her take her best ever World Cup result. That was last summer, though. Since then, she’s moved up to take her first ever World Cup podium aboard the Revolver FS at Nove Mesto, in the Czech Republic.

In fact, the whole Norco Factory Team posted their best European World Cup result at Nove Mesto.

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You can see the team racing the Revolver FS 100 around North America in the video below.

Full details on both versions of Norco’s Revolver FS race bike are over here.

While the Revolver FS 100 is destined for World Cup courses, the FS 120 has a broader appeal. For more on the FS 100’s longer-legged sibling, head to Mt. Tzouhalem in the Cowichan Valley: