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Review: We Are One Revive 29

Made-in-Canada carbon fibre hoops for cross country riding

Photo by: Matt Stetson

by Sam Cohen

In 2017, former World Cup racer and Canadian downhill national champion Dustin Adams started We Are One Composites. His company produces high-end carbon rims in Kamloops, B.C., for everything from DH to gravel riding (and as of August, a trail bike frame). I tested the Revive 29 rims with Industry Nine 1/1 hubs. The internal rim width is 25 mm and the depth is 19 mm, making for a radially compliant wheel. I tested the 32-hole rims designed for cross country use with 2.1″ to 2.35″ tires. A 28-hole version is available for gravel riding and works with treads 38c and wider.

The Revives have an understated logo and solid, shiny raw carbon finish, which looks great. I rode these wheels quite aggressively and found that their compliance, as well as lateral and radial stiffness, were spot on. Despite a few crashes, which were not for the benefit of the wheel test, the hoops held up well. (Me, not so much.) There was no loss of spoke tension. I did have to re-do the factory tape job on the rear rim. Not a big issue, but it slowed the initial setup.

Out on the trails, the Industry Nine’s freehub, with it’s fast four-degree engagement, sounded sweet while coasting. Overall, the wheels spin up very quickly. At $1,599, with made-in-Canada rims, these are a solid set of hoops well worth the investment. (weareonecomposites.com)

Price (as tested): $1,599.00