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Watch: 50to01 is back in top form in ‘As We Know It’

60 minutes of very real mountain biking

Photo by: 50to01 / YouTube

50to01 is, without fail, one of the most talented and creative crews in mountain biking. All the better, they refuse to take themselves too seriously. In place of the hyper-produced, artsy pretense of some videos, a 50to01 production is always focused on getting as much amazing riding on camera as possible.

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In As We Know It, 50tto01 crams a full 60 minutes full of what they think mountain biking is. And it is all good. Is there a better way to end the year than this?

50to01: As We Know It

What’s the crew say about As We Know It?

50to01 proudly presents, As we know it – The latest addition to our collection of our feature films. As we know it was born unintentionally during a really busy year for us. We were getting out for sessions, and as always the camera was coming along too. I knew I was filming for something but I didn’t know what… with being so busy, I wasn’t getting time to snip up the footage – there’s been a lot of travelling and digging projects going on… initially I was feeling behind whilst sat on a growing mountain of footage, that was until it dawned on me that i wasn’t behind at all… I was actually ahead, unknowingly laying the foundations of the next project. As we know it felt fitting because, well, this is biking… As we know it. Lots of love from us all at 50to01, thank you for supporting us, it feels good that we can bring you a gift like this.