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Watch: Rémi Gauvin Slayer Raw on Vancouver Island

Enduro national champ goes big in Duncan, B.C.

Rocky Mountain Slayer

Rémi Gauvin has had one heck of a year on the race circuit. In Slayer Raw, Gauvin steps back from racing for some off-season shredding at home on Vancouver Island aboard the 2020 Rocky Mountain Slayer.

The Rocky Mountain / Race Face Enduro Team member defended his Canadian enduro national championship title at Panorama. That win, the first UCI sanctioned enduro national title in Canada, came in the middle of his best Enduro World Series season to date. Gauvin rode consistently throughout the demanding EWS season to finish sixth overall.

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For Slayer Raw, Gauvin heads from his current stomping grounds in the Sea-to-Sky corridor back to his roots on Vancouver Island. Armed with Rocky Mountain’s bigger, badder 2020 Slayer, Gauvin looks right at home on Duncan, B.C.’s steep trails and huge gap jumps. Watch, enjoy, and repeat as necessary until the EWS gets going for 2020.

Rémi Gauvin: Slayer Raw

From Rocky Mountain:

“Rémi first signed with Rocky Mountain in 2015 and the next year began racing enduro. Fast forward to current day, and Rémi finished his 2019 with his best results yet, placing 6th overall in the Enduro World Series and winning the Canadian National Enduro Championship. Off the track, it’s full throttle, riding just as hard as when the clock’s ticking. Wet roots, blind corners, and slippery chutes are all part of what makes the riding on Vancouver Island some of the best in the world.”

Cinematography: Harrison Mendel, Liam Mullany
Colourist: Sam Gilling
Post-production Sound: Keith White Audio
Still photography: Margus Riga
Thanks: Riley McIntosh, Mark Wallace

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