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Watch: YT Mob launches into debut Enduro World Cup season

What happens when you take a very different approach to sponsorship?

Jack Moir and Christian Textor riding in Maydena World Cup practice Photo by: YT Industries

YT Industries expanded its “Mob” team into the world of enduro racing for the first time this year, hitting the first two Enduro World Cup (EDR) stops in Tasmania. With a solid line up of Jack Moir, Christian Textor and Kasper Woolley (injured for the first two rounds, unfortunately) and a very different approach to sponsorship, it was a whole lot of new things in two weeks.

Where most teams set almost all equipment, from components to apparel, that a rider must wear, YT Industries is most interested in its frames. They decided to support its trio of racers to choose the rest themselves. The idea is a no-compromise approach to racing where the athletes get to ride the parts they feel make them fastest.

“I’m stoked we have incorporated our UNCAGED philosophy into our race efforts, allowing the YT MOB to choose their unique components based on what they want to ride. They’re able to run parts based on performance, not just because of sponsorship. I’m super proud that we’re the only brand able to give this advantage to their riders.” – Markus Flossman, Founder and CVO of YT Industries

Check out how that worked out in the first episode of this year’s Tale of The Mob below.

Tales of The Mob (S5E1)

What’s YT Saying about its enduro debut?

Return of Tales of the MOB. In Episode 1 we focus on the UNCAGED philosophy of @YTIndustriesTV and how we’ve adapted that to racing. It gives Jack Moir, Christian Textor and Kasper Woolley the freedom to specify their choice of parts in search of peak performance.

Derby rocks
EDR Derby. Photo: YT Industries

The UNCAGED philosophy resonates throughout YT Industries, within its staff, products, and ethos. Now, its made its way to the race scene.