Four and a half socks for the holiday season

Socks that will look good on the trails and last all winter

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From functional to fancy, we have a short list of tall socks (*socks of an appropriate length*) for the upcoming cold months. Socks can be a great idea if you’re shopping for that cyclist in your life who has everything. And if you’ve found that unicorn, hold onto him/her, but if you’re shopping for the rest of us N+1’ers, socks are always a safe bet.

Dissent Labs – Supercrew Comp 6” Nanoglide

Dissent LabsBased out of Whistler, B.C., Dissent Labs make socks designed to survive what the locals are riding. From park laps to big backcountry days, these socks are designed to thrive in tough conditions. Unlike the usual “the taller, the thinner, the better” approach to foot tubes, Dissent Labs borrows heavily from their line of ski socks, where the focus is on how a sock works, not how it looks. High thread count compression design keeps Dissent Lab’s socks sitting high through long days on the trails, and there’s even abrasion resistance and a little padding to make sure you survive the day as well as your socks do. Available in black, black, or the grey, black and tiny touch of red GFX Semenuk Crew signature sock.




Endūr – Steve Smith Kit

EndūrEndūr is all about mountain biking, and giving back. One of the first socks they made was the Steve Smith memorial sock, now in its fifth and final edition and still benefiting the Steve Smith Legacy Foundation. Throughout December, Endūr will be donating a pair of socks to charity for every pair purchased. That means if you buy Steve Smith socks right now, between what Endūr give to the foundation and the pair they’re giving away free, they’re basically walking away with nothing but good vibes. You get that and sweet socks. Deal of the season. Steve Smith Kit socks are on pre-order now. #longlivechainsaw




Sneaky Socks – Sock of the Month Club

Sneaky Socks Between training and World Cup XC racing, Evan McNeely has spent a fair amount of time with socks in mountain bike shoes. The former Norco Factory Team racer, currently on Norco supported Forward Racing team, knows what he wants from his socks well enough that he started his own company. The “Yes, I Like Donuts” sock is great, but if you don’t want the pressure of picking what goes on your partner’s feet, let McNeely do it for you: Sneaky Socks offers a sock of the month club. If you’re not sure how committed you and your partner are, sock subscriptions come in three, six, 12 month options plus, for your true “sole mate,” the “limitless” subscription. Designed and made in Canada, Sneaky Socks continue from where they started, supporting aspiring Canadian racers.



Bontrager – Race 5” Thermal Wool Sock
Bontrager Wool Swinging back toward the functional end of fashion, Bontrager’s Race 5” thermal wool socks only come in the right colour: black. These socks are comfortable and, as “thermal wool” might suggest, they are very warm. Bontrager’s socks are also very tough, which is a key element of any adverse-weather-oriented equipment. I destroy socks, along with most other clothing. But I’ve had a pair of thermal wool’s for a couple years now—years—and they’re still going strong. That’s more wet, west coast miles than I care to remember and Bontrager’s thermal wool has handled it all with ease.


Endur / Sneaky Socks — Custom Order

Ok, so this one requires a little effort on your part. That’s why it only counts here as half a sock. If you can’t find a sock you like, or you’ve been sitting on that perfect sock design you’ve always wanted (or, say, need new team socks), both Endur and Sneaky Socks will make pretty much whatever you want. Get creative. Get weird. Small production runs mean both companies offer quick turnaround. Being located in Canada doesn’t hurt, either.