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Bike Check: Gunnar Holmgren’s nationals-winning Cannondale SuperX

Stunning Canadian champion edition cross bike decked out with custom paint by Vélocolour

After Saturday’s racing in Peterborough, Gunnar Holmgren might have to re-visit Vélocolour on the way to Silver Goose this weekend.

The Toronto custom paint house set up Holmgren with a national championship-inspired colour scheme after he won 2018 cyclocross national championships. After defending his under-23 title at Nicholls Oval park, one detail on the stunning red and white bike needs to be updated.

A rapidly growing list of palmares on Holmgren’s Cannondale needs a touch up after his victory in Peterborogh. Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn.

Beyond that, the details of Holmgren’s Cannondale SuperX remain as stunning as when we first saw Vélocolour creating the colour scheme late last season. With the Ontario racer defending his title, he’ll be able to keep rocking the red and white theme race bike into Pan-American championships this weekend in Midland, Ont., and into North American and Euro races beyond.

Holmgren on the hunt during Sunday’s UCI C2 race in Peterborough. Photo: Aidas Odonelis

Scroll through the gallery below to see details of how Gunnar Holmgren had his Cannondale SuperX painted by Vélocolour set up to win the under-23 race at 2019 Canadian cyclcoross national championships in Peterborough, Ont.


If we had that bike, we’d be doing the same. Holmgren shows the Cannondale some love after winning back-to-back under-23 national titles. Photograph by Aidas Odonelis