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Pro tips: Michael van den Ham explains how to set tire pressure for cyclocross

Canadian national champion shares path to trusty traction on CX courses

close up of michael van den ham explaining tire pressure Photo by: Michael van den Ham

Tire pressure is one of the most hotly debated secrets to speed in cyclocross. With low-volume tires, a couple of p.s.i. too few or too many can totally change how your bike grips the dirt—or doesn’t.

Canadian cyclocross national champion Michael van den Ham breaks down the secrets to perfect tire pressure in the first of his pro tips video series. As van den Ham shows, traction is about more than just pressure. Tire casing, tread and several other factors all need to be balanced with what number you see on your floor pump.

How to Choose the Right Tire Pressure for Cyclocross

What does Michael van den Ham say about the first in his pro tips series?

People asking what pressure you need to run for a race is probably the most common question I get asked at CX camps and clinics! In this video, I break down how to find the perfect tire pressure for CX and Gravel.

Michael van den Ham will try defend his maple leaf jersey when the Canadian cyclcross national championships return for the first time since 2019 in Victoria, B.C. in November.