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Lance Armstrong is back and he wants to be made complete

Stripped Tour winner makes promotional return in Onnit’s testicular cancer fundraising ad that spoofs his history

After Lance Armstrong admitted to doping he was dropped by nearly every brand that supported him throughout and after his career. Now, the stripped seven-time Tour de France winner has risen back into a proportional role in a campaign for testicular cancer fundraising. The spot that will appear for Black Friday created by Austin-based holistic health and wellness brand Onnit thrust the still prominent sports figure into a position to poke some fun at himself while campaigning for a cause that is close to him.

The commercial opens with a cyclist riding onto an empty carnival ground at night. Armstrong walks up to a Zoltar automated fortune telling machine which tells him it will grant him a wish. “Ah screw it, what more could I lose?” says Armstrong inserting coins to get his wish.

“Just make me complete,” Armstrong asks the machine. Is he asking for his seven Tour de France titles back or what he lost when he was treated for life-threatening cancer?

The machine gives Armstrong a promotional card and boxes of supplements but it’s clearly not what he’s looking for. He tries again inserting more coins.

“Give me back what I am missing,” Armstrong says more forcefully but gets another promotional coupon and an arm full of weights.

Again, a more frustrated Armstrong inserts another coin.

“Give me my ball Zoltar, you know what I mean,” he says shaking the machine. Looking delighted as the machine shakes all Armstrong gets is a medicine ball that drops into his arms.

Armstrong leaves with the ball under one arm and the shot pans to a pair of bike balls dangling from the back of his seatpost.

Every time Armstrong gains public attention there is a strong reaction on both sides. Whether the new promotional campaign is a step towards Armstrong regaining his commercial prominence is yet to be seen. He has been active in recent years hosting a podcast and remaining in the public eye for a variety of reasons.