Gallery: Participants Reggie Ramble through inaugural edition of Ontario gravel classic

With 200 km, 130 km and 65 km courses through the Trent Hills, participants were treated to a solid day of mixed surface riding with some ambushes for good measure

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The inaugural edition of the Reggie Ramble took place on the gravel roads around Warkworth, Ont. on Saturday. Attracting over 130 people to tackle rides of three different lengths in the Trent Hills, the start was taken on a rainy morning that transitioned into a pleasantly cool autumn day for riding. Conceived by Reggie apparel owner Jeff Wills, the Reggie Ramble offered a unique ride with three loop routes. The ride was inspired by some of the top gravel events in the world.

The venue for the event was the Warkworth Fairgrounds with the small artsy town being the center of each of the loops. Along the way, riders were ambushed by particularly tricky, technical and exciting sections of the course.

The main event was a 200 km ride with 30 riders taking that start at 8:30 a.m. That course consisted of all three loops with each looping introducing the riders to new roads before returning to the Fairgrounds through the Cow Palace barn where riders could fill bottles and refuel. The one-loop ride was 65 km and the two-loop ride was a challenging 130 km.

“The real measure of success for this event is seeing riders come back next year for the next distance challenge,” said Wills. “Our goal is to make this the most epic, unique, and attainable destination gravel grinder in Canada and we can do it right here in Warkworth. I think this weekend showed we have that special mix of elements to do something that is both challenging and fun with the Ramble.”

The organizers hope to secure a better date for the 2020 edition of the Reggie Ramble as they continue with their ambition to grow the event into an annual classic.